Antitrust law

Competition Law is an essential practice in the legal services we offer at Palacios Lleras. Our tradition, experience and commitment in various matters related to economic law, allows us to provide legal advice from experts, with strategic guidance to help our clients achieve their commercial objectives while complying with antitrust laws.


Our team of lawyers specialized in Competition Law provides practical and effective solutions, in an increasingly globalized and regulated business environment. The key areas in which we offer our services include:


Merger Review and Approval: We support our clients in evaluating the impact of transactions in terms of competition. When required, our lawyers will prepare and present notifications or prior authorization requests to the competition authorities. Our experience will be essential to ensure that mergers and acquisitions are completed successfully, while complying with antitrust requirements and preserving healthy competition in the market.


Antitrust Investigations: We represent and/or advise companies or individuals in administrative investigations by the competition authority. We will also provide advice and support in applications to the Leniency Program.


Regulatory Compliance: We work with companies to ensure that their business practices and agreements comply with antitrust regulations in all relevant jurisdictions.


Training and Education: We offer training programs to companies and their teams to keep them updated on the latest antitrust regulations and decisions, at a local and international level.


Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize building strong relationships with clients and strive to understand each client’s challenges and objectives. Our client-centric approach ensures that we provide customized solutions that align with their goals. .


Our commitment at Palacios Lleras is to provide our clients with the legal guidance necessary to make informed and strategic decisions in an increasingly complex and competitive business environment. We have a highly qualified team of lawyers and extensive local and international experience in Antitrust Law, aimed at protecting and defending the interests of our clients in this field.