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Our history

Mr. Hugo Palacios Mejía decided to incorporate Estudios Palacios Lleras as a family law firm in 1976 after several years of individual professional practice.

Throughout its history Palacios Lleras has participated in complex transactions, major litigation cases and arbitration proceedings as counsel to Colombian public agencies and domestic and international clients.

We safeguard our professional independence and always act according to honest convictions concerning applicable law and validity of the client´s claim when providing legal assistance or commencing litigation or arbitration.

Year after year, international publications have ranked Palacios Lleras and its partners as outstanding among the best law firms and lawyers, due to its positive recognition by the Colombian legal community.

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Testimonials of Palacios Lleras

"They are recommended for their excellent work, being available 24 hours, their kindness, and being constantly updated in regulatory matters"
Legal 500
"Is one of the references in Colombian public law” and “is a high-quality lawyer, who offers a particular experience when advising his clients during administrative litigation proceedings"
Legal 500
“Expert in litigations on infrastructure and ports” and is “widely known as an experienced litigator”
Legal 500

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