Dispute resolution

Our experience includes litigation before the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court of Justice, the State Council, and before judges and appeal courts of the administrative and civil jurisdictions. We also advise and represent clients in domestic and international arbitration, as well as in other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.


The firm’s litigation services include acting as counsel on (i) administrative procedures (contractual, environmental, regulatory, penalties, tax, and mining royalties), (ii) commercial law controversies (corporate, commercial contracts) (iii) constitutional challenges to laws and legal challenges to administrative decisions, (iv) disputes concerning fundamental constitutional rights (tutela actions) and collective rights (popular actions). 

The firm has represented clients in multiple lawsuits related to administrative acts (annulment and restitution of rights), port concessions, mining rights, environmental licenses, public utilities, public procurement, financial regulation, telecommunications, and infrastructure.

We have worked on “direct reparation” cases arising from damages caused by public entities, and in tort law.

Palacios Lleras has successfully undertaken judicial reviews challenging existing laws and other general rules creating taxes.

International arbitration:

The firm has acted as counsel to multi-national companies in arbitration tribunals under the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Its senior partner has served as expert witness on Colombian Law in arbitrations under ICC and American Arbitration Association (AAA) rules.

Palacios Lleras was the first firm in Colombia to obtain an “exequatur” of a foreign
arbitral award related to infrastructure.

Domestic arbitration

We have represented foreign investors in domestic arbitrations concerning privatizations and acted as counsel to private or public entities in mining, insurance, and infrastructure issues (roads, railways, telecommunications) in more than 20 domestic arbitration proceedings. Likewise, we have represented shareholders in arbitrations related to company control, partner and manager liability, abuse of rights by majority or minority shareholders, and abuse of parity.