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Mr. Hugo Palacios Mejía decided to incorporate Estudios Palacios Lleras as a family law firm in 1976 after several years of individual professional practice. Since 1986, Mr. Palacios has expanded the firm’s practice by providing services in branches of law impacting business and economy.

Throughout its history Palacios Lleras has participated in complex transactions, major litigation cases and arbitration proceedings as counsel to Colombian public agencies and domestic and international clients.

About Us

The firm renders personalized services through partners and associates who have graduated from Colombia’s best Law schools. Most have been awarded a master’s degree from top foreign universities. Many hold degrees in economics, are or have been university lecturers and publish articles and books on specific legal subjects.


Our team members strictly comply with duties of loyalty, confidentiality, and diligence when advocating for the clients’ interests and are committed to the firm´s values.

We safeguard our professional independence and always act according to honest convictions concerning applicable law and validity of the client´s claim when providing legal assistance or commencing litigation or arbitration. Therefore, we advise clients from public and private sectors, both domestic and international, without a given preference and strictly in compliance with conflict of-interest rules.

Year after year, international publications have ranked Palacios Lleras and its partners as outstanding among the best law firms and lawyers, due to its positive recognition by the Colombian legal community.

The firm measures its success in terms of the success that its clients obtain in the business and matters they entrust to us, thanks to an honest, personalized, discreet and loyal treatment.

"Experience and quality" as a “boutique” firm.

The firm´s specialized group of lawyers offers high quality and personalized legal advice, as opposed to a legal “supermarket”.
The team’s’ commitment to its clients stems from a sense of professional calling rooted in values of honesty, loyalty, confidentiality and diligence.

Clients seek our assistance in complex and uncommon legal issues directly affecting their business strategies and reputation. On occasions we provide services to individuals regarding investment, corporate, or tax-related affairs.

Our Values

  • Honesty in every action.
  • Respect.
  • Professional independence.
  • Dedication to advocating for our clients interests.
  • Defense of the Rule of Law and institutions.

The quality of the firm´s legal services derives from the experience and education of its team. Mr. Palacios Mejia, our senior partner, served as a high government official. With the firm’s partners and associates, he has provided many decades of legal advice to large private and public entities in Colombia and cooperated with top-tier law firms at home and abroad.
Palacios Lleras prides itself on its partners’ academic experience as university lecturers, researchers and publishers acknowledged by highly recognized editorials.

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