Natural resources for mining and energy

The firm has solid experience providing expert advice in subjects relating to natural resources, especially in mining and energy. It has represented some of the most important public entities and private companies. Its team has counseled private companies in issues concerning mining royalties, and the construction and negotiation of salt, ferronickel, gold, and coal mine contracts.

We have represented companies in environmental disputes regarding mining and rights of ethnic communities brought through tutela (proceedings for the protection of fundamental rights), class actions, and judicial actions seeking the nullification of administrative acts and damage compensation arising therefrom.

In energy affairs, we have represented a group of creditors of the financial sector in the receivership proceedings and in the restructuring of a large electricity company.

Regarding gas, the firm advised the Colombian National Planning Department on the eventual construction of regasification plants from imported Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Palacios Lleras performed legal studies on regulations issued by the Commission on Energy and Gas, defining fee schedules for gas and electricity transportation. 

We are experienced in the restructuring of large public utility companies, management of mining royalty resources, and proceedings relating to “class actions” against fuel prices. 

Palacios Lleras has filed legal claims aiming to protect the right to fair competition and preserve the strength of the Colombian energy market. The firm equally participated in several disputes between private entities to clarify the scope of the contractual statute of public utility companies.