Taxes, royalties and budget

Our partner Oscar F. Gutierrez has a graduate degree on tax law from Universidad de los Andes and holds an LL.M. degree from the University of Minnesota.

Additionally, as Vice-minister of Finance, Mr. Palacios directed the drafting of Decree 294 of 1973, “Organic Statute of the Nation’s General Budget”. He later wrote several academic articles on budgetary topics and was responsible for the approval and  enforcement of the national budget when he became Minister of Finance and Public Credit. 

Messrs. Palacios and Gutierrez lead a team of lawyers to advise clients on tax law, mining royalties, and governmental budgets, especially in the following fields:

  • Tax consultancy regarding national and regional taxes, mining royalties, and public budgetary law.
  • Proceedings before administrative, tax and mining authorities.
  • Tax, mining royalties and budgetary litigation before the Constitutional Court and specialized administrative law courts and judges.
  • Tax returns and compensations.
  • Litigation and consultancy regarding transfer pricing.
  • Advice on bills on taxation and budgetary matters. 

Palacios Lleras has cooperated with several administrations in drafting bills on budgetary and taxation law. The firm has also counseled public entities concerning their taxation rules and other public and private entities on local taxes. 

The firm has provided advice to clients on claims related to tax settlements and obtained decisions from the Constitutional Court overruling several tax provisions.

We have assisted clients on administrative procedures, such as visitations from tax authorities and challenges against decisions from those authorities.